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The Hainan Tour for the Yearly Outstanding Staff
After the award, SGI has prepared for the yearly outstanding staff the 5-day Hainan tour . After the beginning of September, the staffs start the tour and begin to experience the beauty of the tropical.
Yearly Outstanding Staff Awards 2015
Autumn is the season of harvest. Because of the staffs’ hard work,SGI has made great achievement. The staff are the most lovely person in SGI.
The 2-day Tour to Xunliao Bay in Huizhou
Xunliao Bay is one of the most cleanest bays among Guangdong East bays. Its sediment concentration is as high as 99% and it is a very good place for rest and relax.
March 21th,Jiulong Villa One-day Spring Outing
In China,people often do some activities: flying kites; wear flowers and have some drink; go outing for edible wild vegetables. Spring is the most important season of the year. All things come to themselves.
SGI 2015 Yearly Annual Meeting
2014 past and the new 2015 has slowly come to us. As the lunar New Year is approaching, SGI thanks to the hard work of all the staff, all our customers and suppliers. Because of your trust and support, we make the progress.
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