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Founded in 2007, SGI has about 80 employees and is divided into 9 departments: Business Department; Sales Department; Engineering Department; Quality Department; Purchasing Department; Machining Department; Administration Department; Office of General Manager; Finance Department.

SGI mainly focuses on the foreign trade business of the hardware and machining parts. Its market is involved in countries such asJapan, theUnited Statesand many European countries. In the past years, SGI has been aiming at the goal "to provide clients with qualified, fast, affordable and good service" and has been serving more than 150 customers, including the famous Panasonic, Toshiba, Sanyo, CASIO.

SGI is always aiming at "creating value for our customers, creating profits for our shareholders, creating opportunities for our employees and making contributions to the society".SGI has a high sense of mission to thrive the foreign trade market ofChina´s metal precision machining parts.SGI has the idea to create a factory of "warm and comfortable environment, scientific and standardized management, quality and efficient service" to adapt to the competition of the market.SIG has introduced the modernized enterprise management mechanism, standardized the enterprise internal management and, made a management mode of standardization, normalization, scientification.

SGI has attracted a number of talents those are good at management and technology, which forms the core competitiveness of SGI and enables SGI to deal with scattered and bulk parts, machining, metal plate, stamping, precision casting, die casting, forging, injection mold, profiles, powder metallurgy as a high quality industrial company.SGI is striving to be a benchmarking enterprise of non-standard machinery parts industry.

At present, SGI’s business is covered with the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing, food machinery, metal structure, industrial machine and many other mechanical processing industries. And SGI’s products and service are praised and trusted by all our customers.

We are willing to work with our customers to enlarge the business value and promote our growth.

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